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Operational planning and workshop design

From assembly or production to maintenance workshops, company warehouses, shopping centres and work yards: as experts in the field, we are here to support you in all shop floor-related questions on operations and logistics. We evaluate the most suitable technical solutions to meet your needs, plan them and put them out to tender. We accompany the installation of systems until everything works the way you want it to. You can rely on our expertise in BIM to ensure that your facilities and staff planning are fine-tuned.

  • Material flow and transport routes
  • Warehouse planning
  • Waste disposal
  • Ramp design
  • Manufacturing and assembly workplaces
  • Crane and lifting systems
  • Dynamic simulation of manufacturing and assembly processes


Inside the carriage assembly plant. Production workshop for the production of high-speed trains.

Optimising the processes for a transport company’s maintenance plant

We supported the overall project management team in coordinating technical implementation plans for workshop and maintenance operation equipment, as well as with interface management and quality assurance.

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Véronique Herber
Advanced Project Manager, BIM Manager